Friday, February 26, 2010

Tweez & Beez

Y style tweezer clamps and bullet by Spartacus is absolutely brilliant. I clamped the tweezers on the my wife's hard nipples and played with her clit to get her juices flowing. After she started begging me for more, I pounded her with my hard cock with tweezers clamping and clit vibrating.
You can move the metal tweezers up and down to adjust the pain. For a little less, you can remove the chain attached to the bullet from the nipple chains as well. The total length of the chain is 30" long and the color is the natural color of the metal.
The attached bullet is black and vibrates. It takes 3 watch batteries and only has a gradual setting on the dial base controls. You twist of the control cap to insert the batteries. The vibe is plastic and can be cleaned with your favorite toy cleaner.
The "Tweez & Beez," as I call it, is sexy as hell and it turns me on just to see the wife wearing it. I could give or take on the bullet and extra chain. All around this is a nice start to some rough lovin', the bullet could be more intense. Don't knock it, though. We really love it! If you're into the kink too you could visit to get your own stuff to play with! You could even submit my coupon code: F42 to get great savings at checkout!, the sex store you can trust!

product picture
Nipple clamps by Spartacus
Material: Plastic / Metal
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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